John Simone's
2017 Nuit Rose festival's exhibition
RuPaul: Evolution of an Icon

Nuit Rose Art Bar - 5six2 Church St.
(until Sunday, June 18th, 8pm.
Cash bar until 2am on Fri/Sat June 16th/17th)

Daniel's Sprectrum - 585 Dundas St. East
(until Thursday, June 29th, 5pm, day-time hours)

Rudolf Piper
(impresario of 1980’s New York clubs Danceteria and Tunnel
and publisher of Project X Magazine):

“[Simone] managed to portray an era capturing exactly the energy, the craziness and the creativity that made it unique! In the future, this NY that existed in the eighties will be seen on the same level as Paris in the twenties, Berlin during the Weimar Republic and Shanghai in the thirties - and [Simone’s] photos will bear witness to that!”

Michael Musto -

“Patrick McMullan was a burgeoning young photographer on the scene, as were Wolfgang Wesener and Ben Buchanan, plus Nelson Sullivan was a regular, filming all the glam minutiae for epic documentaries that would find their way onto YouTube years later. Pushing himself into this mix, Simone was always fearless, enthusiastic and game for anything. The twinkle in his eyes spoke volumes about his love for capturing the ruling class of clubs, who had the power because they were the most creatively beautiful and culturally daring ones for miles. He still has that twinkle.”

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