stills by john simone
featured in ramon fernandez's
award-winning feature documentary
glory daze: the life and times of michael alig

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Rudolf Piper
(impresario of 1980’s New York clubs Danceteria and Tunnel
and publisher of Project X Magazine):

“[Simone] managed to portray an era capturing exactly the energy, the craziness and the creativity that made it unique! In the future, this NY that existed in the eighties will be seen on the same level as Paris in the twenties, Berlin during the Weimar Republic and Shanghai in the thirties - and [Simone’s] photos will bear witness to that!”
(June 2014):

"The photographer once dubbed NYC’s “paparazzo from hell” [had] two photo retrospectives happening in Toronto during WorldPride 2014. The shows featured New York club-culture icons from 1987 to 1990, including RuPaul, Leigh Bowery, Quentin Crisp, James St James, Divine and, of course, “Party Monster” Michael Alig.

John Simone — who from 1995 to 2005 was the writer of Xtra’s Xposed column, under the nom de plume Johnny Paparazzo — left Toronto for New York in 1987 and started working for Club 10-18 (The Roxy), Details magazine (including their influential nightlife column by Stephen Saban), Spy Magazine and The Village Voice. The magic really started happening when Alig appointed Simone chief photographer for Project X magazine."

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